Help Page

1. How to use it

When you open wnr, it looks like that. Just enter the numbers, and a timer will be set.
First, there will be a period of work time, and then a period of rest time.
It will repeat for the time you entered in "loop for".

As the key Enter is clicked, the timer starts. Now, go & do your work!
You can hide the window to the system tray
(The hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W) if you are going to do some computer-relative work.
The timer can be paused or given up when you have to stop to do another thing.

When the time ends, a warning is given.

And another period of time starts.
(You can have a rest time with wnr full-screen to prevent you from using you computer, too.)

Now, you've learnt to use wnr! Congratulations!

2. Other things

If you still have problems or you find bugs, you can:
create an issue or drop me an email to [email protected].

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